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There is no Planet B, we've all heard that right? The earth's resources are limited
and are being severely impacted by human activity, but we can all play our part in protecting the planet and our future.


Take positive action for the environment and shout about it far and wide.




We all know that being active is good for our physical and mental health - and who doesn't want to feel awesome? Improve your health and wellbeing by taking up a new activity or practice. You can choose anything from kayaking to seated yoga to ultra running as long as it pushes you out of your comfort zone and provides a challenge. Bring it on!

For Bronze you should commit to this over three months, it could be daily, weekly, several times a week




This element is all about giving back to your community - your time, your knowledge, your skills. Get involved and make a positive impact in the area where you live, work or play. You can do it on your own or with friends or family, by joining an existing group or creating your own community. The options are endless

This should be a regular commitment over three months for Bronze




“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” - Saint Augustine. Exploring new places opens our eyes to new experiences and cultures and gives us a new perspective on life.


In learning about new places we learn about ourselves, our beliefs, our prejudices, our limits. By challenging ourselves physically we push ourselves outside of our comfort zone and that's where the magic happens. We are capable of so much more than we think.

Bronze Explore is two days and one night




Learning helps us to gain new experiences and skills, gives us new perspectives, trains our brains to handle new challenges and keeps our neural pathways active - we get smarter and our brains gets healthier, Boom!


Choose a new skill to practice or area of knowledge to swot up on - be as creative as you like.

Learning for Bronze should take place over three months - it can be a mix of courses, practical learning, self-study . . .

Plan a personal challenge for each of the five Elements

The Award will take a minimum of three months for the Bronze level

Elemental  - here's how it works...

Phone tracker.png

Plan your challenges and submit them via the Award Tracker.

Get personal feedback and advice from an Elemental Award Coach

Go and do it!

Send us photos, videos, blogs, diaries and narrative to shout about your fantastic achievements

Step 4

Once you've submitted all of your evidence your work is done.


As part of our commitment to our shared future we will also plant a tree and protect three others for every completed award.  We do this by working with the fabulous Ripple Africa

You'll receive a certificate and a super stylish patch to wear proudly.

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